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The Saratoga region offers a variety of attractions perfect for kids, families and the young at heart! Explore indoors and outdoors: swing through the treetops, race around a go-kart track, explore local farms, take an arts class, visit a museum, play mini golf A short drive from downtown Saratoga Springs, you will find area attractions to amuse and delight everyone in your family. Planning a special event? Looking for birthday party spots? There are numerous options to choose from to create treasured childhood memories.


Draw With Chalk. Stretch With Twister. The water hose or next rain fall will clean it off with ease. Experience kayaking at Sweetwater Creek State Park. Make Birdfeeders. Camp On The Trampoline.

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Nothing cools off your kids on a warm day more than mud painting! We release ladybugs every year This is the source we've been using for years. We all cherishing the great outdoors — maybe even a little more as of late. Ladybugs are great for your garden, and interesting for your. REI Co-op is here with expertise and gear for your next adventure.

We grow pole beans every summer, and the kids love it! Science tells us that getting kids into nature is the best gift we can offer. From creative de to imaginative games, it's a safe and easy way to have fun bouncing. Find the right place in the yard -- not near the front door! Head out in your jammies and look over the bushes for dew-kissed spider webs. If you have it on hand, try pouring plaster of paris into your mold to preserve it forever.

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Plant A Butterfly Garden. It's amazing how much better an apple tastes when you're enjoying it on a blanket under a shade tree.

We are HUGE fans of the safety precautions offered by Springfree Trampolinesand encourage you to look into them for your own backyard fun! Cool off your bouncing techniques with a sprinkler under the trampoline when it's warm outside. You can run through the sprinkler to clean off, then start your painting again! Aim For Dodge Ball. Release Ladybugs.

No matter what kind of outdoor adventure you are planning, REI can help you get ready. Leave it in the sun to bake so that it can be brought inside later. Role-Play With Toys. Work with your kiddos to learn about which kinds of caterpillars are predominant in your area, what flowers they prefer, and when to plant them. Pile the mud high on two sides to create rivers and dams that flow through the yard. Kids will enjoy helping to find the right amount of dirt and water to create the right viscosity.

For kids who don't read, there are some great picture-based scavenger hunts online. Take Twister to a new level by drawing it on the trampoline in chalk, then using the spinner from your board game. An ordinary mud pile is transformed into a work of art with a few well-placed pebbles, sticks, leaves and such.

Kids fun in the saratoga area: indoor & outdoor attractions, birthday spots & more!

Race cars, dump trucks, horses and pigs Build Rivers and Dams. Also, be sure you have a trampoline with a net. Paint Fairy Houses. Make A Trampoline Water Park. Play Some Hoops. Pro Tip: A pair of balled up socks work in a pinch! Pop Like Popcorn.

2. go to no-cost museum and zoo days

With the right textured mud you can create fun hand and feet prints to preserve your day outside. Maybe disguised a little behind that tea olive bush? Construct A Mud Pit. If all this sounds like fun, but you're lacking a muddy area, you and the kids can create your own mud pit to enjoy.

Use fruit, seeds and peanut butter to make bird feeders for your feathered friends. Paint a fairy housethen add a pebble path and your favorite fairy characters. Grow Beans and Herbs. Fill up several dozen water balloons -- Amazon has the coolest water ballon filler that works in seconds flat to fill balloons! Whether you add a FlexrHoop from Springfree, or simply add an old bucket to to the trampoline, shooting some hoops as you bounce is fun. Mud pies are surely where Betty Crocker got her start!

Throw on an old swim suit, find some paint brushes, and create beautiful des from head to toe.

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Make Mud Pies. Don't want to use the good stuff? Bring your sleeping bags, pillows and blankets for a night under the stars. Bounce With Balloons. And they have experiences only REI can offer.

Paint Your Body. For reading, naps or just playing hide-and-seek you can throw a sheet over a laundry line for instant fun.

Hike up Arabia Mountain. This is sometimes called Broken Egg. One person folds himself up tight in the middle of the trampoline, while everyone else bounces around him trying to make him "pop" by unfolding his arms and legs. Herbs are another fun things to grow with kids because they, like pole beans, grow fast Go On A Scavenger Hunt.

Enjoy A Picnic. When we go to SkyZone, my boys run for the Dodge Ball setup With dodge balls secured, we now have regular family tournaments. We do this at least once every summer. Build a Laundry Line Tent.

Another garden to plant is one specifically for attracting butterflies and caterpillars. Avoid The Rope Snake.

Unicef kid power summer guides for kids and parents:

A few bucks at Goodwill can go a long way to stocking an outdoor kitchen. The best time to do this is early morning. Create Mud Casts. Examine Spider Webs. Watch your kiddos when they are playing games on the trampoline!

1. go on a picnic

There is nothing my kids like more than bringing chalk on the trampoline! The fun part?

It's just one of 14 games and apps that offer fun and educational high-energy fun for kids! You can help your tiny chef by supplying old pots, pans, spoons and such. Let them photograph flowers from their special perspective.

If you'd rather not plant in the dirt, you can still create a garden for attracting fairies. Connect Springfree's tgoma via Bluetooth for the ultimate game of Snake!

De Mud Sculptures. Here is a link to our Pinterest board with dozens of scavenger hunt ideas. Photograph Flowers. Adventurous types can even grow them on a tee-pee style pole setup for a secret summer hideaway. Use a length of spare rope or a jump rope One person wiggles the rope back and forth on the trampoline with the others try to jump and dodge the "snake. Safety Note: It should go without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway.

Want to take your snake game to the next level? Remove the sod with a sharp shovel, drag over the water hose, and have a blast. Put them on the trampoline and start the bounding fun.

Nature scavenger hunts are super exciting for kids, and lead them to explore places they might not otherwise go. Pack a picnic for the backyard or your local park. Putting a camera in 's hands will open their eyes up to new things.

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The Perth region is filled with places and activities for children.


Every diligent parent is constantly looking for the best summer activities for their kids.