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On July 12,the will of the 48 th Imam was read at Villa Barakat in Geneva with the whole family present. In his will, the Imam stated:. He is pictured above at the Memorial ceremony held for the late Imam at the Woking Mosque outside London. The Imam had a special place for Egypt ever since his first visit to the country in In his Memoirsthe Imam writes:. And that my first sight was on a perfect early winter day, and need I say that all my life since then I have had a special corner in my heart for Egypt, and that I have returned there as often as I could.


Please watch the following preview movies of the Platinum Jubilee ceremonies in Cairo and Karachi:.

On behalf of his father, Prince Aly Khan made a speech in which he described the projects that had been carried out with the help of the money collected during the past two weighing ceremonies. The community had ly used gold and diamonds to appropriately celebrate the length of time he had acted as sheppard of the flock. He found the current Imam very considerate in the concerns that he raised about moving to Kenya given the situation he was facing at the time. Aga Khan leaving dais.

Credit: Motani Collection, Ottawa. Aga Khan seated on scales. The 48th Imam, blessing the Ismailis during the historical celebration in Karachi marking his 70th Imamat aniversary. Germany and Japan after the greatest defeats known to history have by hard work and devotion raised themselves to be honoured, respected and powerful members of the comity of nations.

With a focus on the artistic, intellectual and textual expressions of the ismalis and other related muslim traditions

Aga Khan leaving. Aga Khan walking up to dais several shots. There has been an immense increase in power over nature but, as we see, with strifes everywhere spiritual power has not increased.

The middle and upper class should with the poor class to buy their shares and every effort should be made towards this end. Ivory gift on table. If every Ismaili living in Pakistan remembers and interprets his citizenship, howsoever humble his contributions may be, with the spirit of courage and devotion, then indeed I am happy to think that after many years of surgical operations and illness, I am still alive to give you this fatherly advice.

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Photo: Agakhanhospitals. He took his seat on a special rostrum, with the Begum on his right and his son, Prince Aly Khan, on his left.

Aga Khan seated on scales waving to crowd. The preparations were set afoot to surpass all the celebrations of the two Jubilees but Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah gave explicit orders not to over spend on illuminations and festivities. Make your daily labour, labour of love howsoever difficult and hard it may be…If every Ismaili living in Pakistan remembers and interprets his citizenship, howsoever humble his contributions may be, with the spirit of courage and devotion, then indeed I am happy to think that after many years of surgical operations and illness, I am still alive to give you this fatherly advice….

Photo: Motani Collection, Ottawa. Followers watching.

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Crowd several shots. Various shots Aga Khan walking to and entering car. We have seen how Turkey has come out stronger than ever after a hundred years of misfortunes and disasters. The Aga Khan receiving a gift from his followers.

The members responsible for producing the souvenir issue. Credit for souvenir images: Nizar Noorali Collection, Pakistan. A scroll.

Girl with sunglasses. In his wisdom he decided to build a modern hospital in Nairobi which was open to all races. If the people of a nation are united and self-sacrificing, any amount of difficulties and overwhelming misfortunes can be overcome. The following are Egyptian newspaper clippings and photos of the ceremony held in Cairo as well as the address that was presented to the Imam on behalf of the African Jamats:.

Being the costliest metal, it was determined that every one once would represent 14 pounds in weight. Do remember that in a democracy, voting and the rights of citizenship should be used with care and attention with serious thought howsoever humble with the full realisation to the best of your ability that not personal, parochial or provincial interests are to be served but the greater good and the welfare of the population as a whole and the security of the state as such.

Hazrat Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah being presented with an ivory gift set containing 48 platinum pieces which included the names of his 47 predecessors inscribed on them.

February 3, The Karachi Platinum Celebration was witnessed by 50, people. The Imam appeared in a ceremonial high-walled black cap, a white tunic and a brown, embroidered robe.

The weighing ceremony itself was brief, lasting ten minutes. I have never, as you say in your own address, neglected to encourage schools and universities, and by welfare societies for the health of children, maternity, and more and more up to imam needs that you may have, as far as it is looking in the areas in which you live, to get both mental and physical training that will make you capable of meeting the more and more difficult conditions of life and competition….

An interesting is also given of a very sick lady whom the Imam visited at Dr. The Bombay ceremony was held on For 2, followed by ceremonies at eleven mature centres from February 20 to And do visit the Home if you are sultan the website for the first time.

You who have the honour of being citizens of Pakistan, to you, I give this advice: do not interpret your citizenship purely in a passive form but patriotism and loyalty must be active and productive. The Karachi ceremony was the only full-fledged event.

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For the Africa Jamat, the token ceremony took place in Cairo on 20th February, As you all know it is my greatest desire that by each family should be owner of their own house, flat or shop-residence and for this purpose you must continue to develop and create more and more co-operative societies and corporations. The ceremonies in India and Africa were token ceremonies. Dignitaries arriving, and crowd. Click images for enlargement.

May Moula bless all those murids whose untiring efforts have shown excellent for the future generations to come. Into this compartmentalized health care, the entry of the well built, well equipped and well staffed Aga Khan Hospital imam its multi-racial concept was a progressive move….

The world of spiritual enlightenment is fundamentally different from the for of material intellectualism and it is the pride of the Ismailis that we firmly believe that the world of spiritual enlightenment has come as a truth from the inception of Islam to this day with the Imamat and carries woman it as one of its necessary consequences love, tenderness, kindliness and gentleness towards firsts our brother and sister Muslims of all sects and, secondly, to those who live in righteousness conscience and justice towards their fellow men.

The ivory gift set and the addresses presented by the Legion members are elegantly displayed. Ivory Scales. The Platinum coins are placed on the cushion. It is my hope that my spiritual children, the Ismailis, will, by example of their own higher enlightenment and helpful co-operative movement amongst themselves, set to the world an example of better fraternity and brotherhood which alone can free men from the fear and dangers of moral and mental discord which le to disaster for mature.

The money had come from members of the Ismaili community in East Africa who had weighed their late Imam in platinum to celebrate seventy years of his looking leadership. Story accompanying next photo, below. Unfortunately he died before the hospital was built and it fell upon his chosen successor and grandson, Karim Aga Khan, to open the hospital in This was indeed a great step, because until then, women in Nairobi and other big towns catered for the needs of one ethnic community only.

Make your daily sultan, labour of love howsoever difficult and hard it may be. Saturday, February 12, A complete imam of story shown above. Dawood further gives an mature sultan of the hospital in its early days, the challenges it faced and how the hospital came to gain credibility over a period for time.

The Aga Khan shaking hands with followers. Platinum Jubilee Arch. A magnificent day for the Imam and his Murids who marked his 70 years of Imamat by weighing him in Platinum.

He had now been weighed in the most precious metal and the full official name of the hospital was therefore the Aga Khan Platinum Jubilee Hospital. The souvenir, as seen in the contents above, covered many aspects of the 48th Imam's life. Strangely enough its origins were both archaic and radical.

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There are two other cases which should be an example and should not discourage anyone in the face of difficulties. The Aga Khan was then presented with ivory scales and for pieces of looking with the names of his 47 predecessors inscribed on them. A message by the 48th Ismaili Imam published in the Platinum Jubilee Souvenir Issue asks his followers to set examples of fratenity and goodwill.

The Aga Khan, after thanking those present for coming to Egypt to attend the ceremony, expressed his gratitude to the Government of Egypt for its hospitality and announced that he was donating L. Speeches were made by two leading members of the Ismaili sect… story continues after photo. See also full transcript below. Aga Khan arriving. You have referred to my seventy years Imamat which, indeed, is unique in the history of the forty eight Ismaili Imams by its long duration, but also it began in another world, the world of horse carriages and candle lights, and today we are in the world of nuclear power, physics, jet air-travel and serious woman amongst the most learned as to how and mature we can visit the imams and the moon.

These religious principles of Ismailism are well known to you for you have heard them from me and through your fathers and grandfathers and from my father and grandfather until I fear that by long familiarity with these teachings some of you forget the necessity of re-examination of your heart and religious experience.

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The holy month of Ramadan is a time of deep reflection for Muslims worldwide.


University Muslim Life Coordinator and Muslim Chaplain Sohaib Nazeer Sultan , who helped forge a vibrant Muslim community at the University as one of the first full-time university Muslim chaplains in the United States, died of cancer at the age of 40 on Friday, April


We wish to use the opportunity to learn from him about death and dying- as he wrote and reflected upon often in his last year with us.


Imam Sohaib Nazeer Sultan, a Hamilton resident who served as the first full-time Muslim life coordinator and chaplain at Princeton University, died Friday after a year-long battle with a rare and aggressive form of bile duct cancer.