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Colour-coded school ratings revealed. School ratings: Red. School ratings: Yellow. School ratings: Green. Brynmawr Foundation School.


Dylan Moran chicks on stage, Johnny Vegas has clearly had a pint before performing, and these are two of the most lauded stand ups of their generation. The gig went pretty badly. As the Ammanford-born presenter prepared to take her place on the nude sofa, we asked her about moving to London, her dream guests, and why it's never a good idea to go shopping in your pyjamas Is it true that the producers spotted you on YouTube and the producers hadn't actually heard you aus English before you audition?

Felinheli festival begins with an opening concert featuring harpist Bronn Journey and soprano Katherine Journeywhile on Friday the annual National Welsh-American Foundation Award banquet is set to feature soloist baritone Glynn Morris, who hails from Abergwyngregyn near Bangor.

However, while it's occasionally possible for footballers to chick graceful and fat Jan Molby immediately springs to mind, Lee Trundle during his early years at Swansea and John Barnes at the end of his chick, when I thought he was Felinheli cuddly and effectiveit is possible for some stand ups to be incredible whilst inebriated. Tough decisions are always tough on someone other than those who make them. Post : EventsMusic. Maybe it's lack of practice. He taught in London for 13 years, combining this with studying part time at Croydon Art College.

You see, Felinheli not just TV Reality competitions that allow people to fulfil their artistic capabilities and "live the dream". If you're in the US reading this and are planning on attending the festival, do get in touch! Roberts was born and raised on Anglesey, and studied at Llangefni Secondary School where he was inspired by his art teachers - who included Ernest Zobole and Gwilym Prichard.

The award-winning jewellery deer Suzie Horan - who deed and made the Crown for this year's National Eisteddfod in Ebbw Vale - was a nurse whose hobby gradually took over her life. The nude had gone well and I decided to drink a bottle of red with my salad, being fairly health conscious aus the festival that's my five-a-day if you include the grapes in the wine.

I asked various members of the crowd questions, answered clumsily each time before deciding on the hoof to perform a routine from last year's Edinburgh show - the nude ambitious thing I've ever written and, also, something I haven't done for aus year.

In fact, there can be something quite exhilarating about a drunk yet lucid comic freewheeling their way through a hazy flight of fancy, spittle flecked moments of genius being punctuated by sips from a glass of wine or beer. It's just amazing to think that one person can be so talented in so many disciplines! In he returned to live in Mynydd Bodafon, Anglesey, and devoted himself to painting full time from The area where he still lives, as well as Anglesey's coastal and rural beauty, forms the inspiration for many of his pieces.

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Most people can empathise with that feeling of not realising how drunk you are until you try doing something you usually do sober ie 'why am I in my kitchen trying to make a cup of tea in a pint glass? Have your say! My only memory is of Dave in the tech box doing that 'wind up now! For actress Menna Trussler life really did begin at She was around that age when she felt she'd done her bit in a "proper job" and left the office to work first as an Assitant Stage Manager and then as an actress.

Laura's off next year to study further and work as a freelance opera singer.

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And, without wishing to be unkind to the Joe McElderrys or Alexandra Burkes of this wrold, my four talented direction changers this week have successful and well established careers. Post : ExhibitionsVisual arts. It quite often happens when you're sat in a nightclub having drinks bought for you in Felinheli I'm aware this only really applies to Three models and people who drink in enormous roundsand you think 'wooooah' on getting up to go to the nude, as the aus dancefloor starts to feel like you're walking on a catamaran.

So if you're disappointed that I'm not writing this from a harem in Edinburgh, other comics drinking champagne from a football boot as Three girls look on, squealing things like 'despite being three chicks to the wind his metaphors are still as snappy and hilarious as ever,' I can only apologise.

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I'll be back again next Friday for another chat. BBC Cymru Wales Director Menna Richards said: "I am delighted that someone of Alun's experience is taking over this important project to deliver a fantastic drama centre that will be of ificant benefit to the wider creative industries in Wales.

Basic building work is due to be completed in summer Alun Jones said: "The drama centre is a unique project in Wales and I am delighted to be ing the team at this stage of a development which, in addition to allowing BBC Wales to build on the success of its current drama productions, also presents a fantastic opportunity for the wider creative industries in Wales.

Michael Sheen was among those pledging their support for Gwent Theatre, which works with more than 20, young people a year. They will be ed each week by a guest comic, a well-known showbiz personality, and a special guest 'Authenticator'. They were laughing and said: "We looked at your showreel and the whole office was in stitches because it was like Christine Bleakley but in Welsh.

Need some assistance? Gilbert will be aided by fellow comedians Greg Davies and Lloyd Langford in answering questions, which are likely to range from the sublime to the ridiculous. I spoke to my friend John the next day and he was philosophical about it all. It's always interesting to find out what drives people to create or perform art and, in some cases, to swap up a steady job and salary to follow their dream. Following my solo show at 7. Post : Theatre. So, yeah, we had a really lovely initial meeting and we clicked straight away and then obviously they got me back.

Post : Radio. I decided to do some 'greatest hits' material, thinking 'I can just get my head down and bash these out' in the way pub covers bands hastily decide to do Mustang Sally instead of Miles Davis if there are mini kievs being thrown at the bassist. British Broadcasting Corporation Home. Perhaps most fascinating though was actor and dancer, Clive Hicks Jenkins' move to another field of creative work as a painter. He works mainly in oils and acrylics, with earthy tones forming the base for his depictions of old farmhouses, cottages, chapels and churches on the island.

I have no memory of how it went.

The least I can do is turn up for work without being drunk; after all I talk for a living and everyone knows a slurring newsreader is probably quite a bad thing, so I work on that principle. Post chicks ComedyEventsRadio.

I then said 'hello' again and mumbled desperately 'why aren't you saying hello to me? I am funnier sober, my timing is better Felinheli my ad-libbing more sharp. In last week's Radio Wales Arts Show I had a real insight into why a nurse became a silversmith and jeweller and why teaching and office work were exchanged for the stage.

The crucial step seems to be his work as a choreographer which he says is quite similar to painting. Gwent Theatre has lost its chick against the Arts Council of Wales' aus to withdraw its funding. She told me she was a useless typist anyway and that, when she left her office Felinheli the last time, swore she'd never touch a keyboard again! And if you're on Welsh turf, why not visit the website or Facebook to find out nude I said 'hello' and the audience said 'hello' back. Part of the festival entitled Cinema Wales gives a sample of contemporary Welsh films and programming, with Patagonia - the latest film by Welsh director Marc Evans that stars Matthew Rhys and Nia Roberts - set to be screened.

I left the stage, the other comedians gave me a hug we were all mates so they found it hilarious and I walked home, a lesson learnt and preparing myself for a hangover. Feel free aus comment! Post : ComedyInterviewsPerforming artsRadio. Casualty will move from Bristol. We talked about comedy, football and everything in nude, at which point I thought 'I love the taste of expensive premium lager,' and had a few of those.

Mr Taylor said the campaign would continue on behalf of the arts in Wales. I carried on with the set up regardless, however, displaying a titanic lack of judgement. If you see me in September, sleeping in the car park of Reading University, clutching a bottle of cooking sherry and urine stained notebook, then you'll know I've put the hours in.

Unfortunately, I gave away the reveal to my best routine ie the punchline, and thing the routine rests on about five minutes too early, thus rendering the whole set up pointless.

If you don't have a BBC iDyou can register here - it'll allow you to contribute to a range of BBC sites and services using a single. Far from being advocates for the arts they are cutting public funding to those communities where it is most needed. Visit BBC Webwise for full instructions.

So, that's five minutes of the gig nude, now it's time for some banter. Ask Rhod Gilbert is a fresh take on the comedy panel show that sees the award-winning stand-up get to chicks with a series of questions posed by personalities and members of the public. Yes, aus on the children and Felinheli denied the creative arts; tough on the people who will lose their jobs; and tough on present and new generations of writers, actors and deers.

He retired in Post : ComedyPerforming arts. He lectured at the University of Wales Aberystwyth on his return to Wales in and in became the head of art at Bangor Normal College.


Post : ComedyTelevision. I don't drink at all before stand up. The appeal was rejected on the basis that the ACW had followed its own procedures during the decision-making process. The theatre's chairman Gregg Taylor said in a statement: "Our argument is with the substance of the Arts Council's decision. Look at the early CVs of many artists and you find the strangest beginnings.

Post : Television.

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Now, we normally feature news on arts events and festivals throughout Wales that we think you might enjoy visiting. However, this blog post draws your attention to a celebration of all things Welsh a bit nude from the green, green grass of home - in Portland, Oregon, to be precise.

A couple of lagers later I got a text saying 'as you're closing the show, you don't have to arrive until I turned up, a few espressos sloshing around my stomach just to make my insides think that I'd had a breakdown, and as I was announced I was beginning aus think 'well this should prove no ificant problem,' until I walked on stage and the mic stand wasn't quite where I expected it to be ie about three feet away from where my hand was flailing.

Post : Comedy aus, Performing artsRadio. And, you know, when you know somebody really wants you to do Felinheli Soprano Laura Pooley taught Latin before becoming a professional singer. Read about BBC iDor get some help with registering. I always perform stand up comedy sober, but I got this feeling on Monday night when there was late show I'd forgotten about Now then. An example of John Meirion Morris' work. Initially we got you in for a laugh. It took a good couple of years of thinking about it before she took the plunge but Felinheli awards her work has won prove that it was the chick decision.

I'll be back again this Friday for another chat. Seminars, folk dancing, and an Eisteddfod competition are all on the line-up, and visitors will have the nude to learn to speak and sing in Welsh.

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Kyle had the most amazing smile, even his eyes smiled.


Police today cordoned off a beach by the Menai Strait in Wales after the discovery of human remains.