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Robin WidgeryMadhukar G. Angurand Rajan Nataraajan. Over the past two decades, the increasing of married women entering the work force has caused dramatic changes in consumer markets. Bartos, McCalland Robinson noted these trends nearly 20 years ago, and Zeithaml reinforced the importance of working women as an emerging national market. Recently, Widgery and McGaugh married the importance of 'new woman women' in the marketplace. Building upon the research into 'new generation women,' the current research dealt with the wives Special 'new generation women' in the context of advertising messages.


Answer: Yes it is possible.

Hassan Elhais. Both parties to the marriage contract may request to add special conditions in their marriage contract, provided these conditions are compliant with Sharia principles. I don't want my husband to take a second wife - can this be in our marriage contract? Question: We are a Muslim family and our daughter is about to get married.

The impact of employment status on married women's perceptions of advertising message appeals

There is no minimum limit to the mahr but the maximum is subject to the law on dowries. Question: I am a Muslim woman and I will soon be getting married.

The dowry can be immediate, deferred, or partly immediate and partly deferred as agreed by both parties. Share Facebook Twitter Linked In. Follow Please to follow content.

In this way, the wife shall have the right to seek divorce when the husband marries another woman and she may also demand the payment of her deferred dowry. A woman may also request to add a special condition in her marriage contract, which gives her the right to divorce when her husband marries another woman without her consent.

Answer: Yes you can.

I want to know if I can add a special condition in my marriage contract in the event my husband decides to take a second wife without my consent. Can I request to add certain special conditions as part of my marriage contract to get a divorce should I face such a situation in the future? This can include money or property.

It’s a pain to get married under the special marriage act

If you would like to learn how Lexology can drive your content marketing strategy forward, please [ protected]. A clause that increases the dowry in the event of her husband marrying a second wife without her permission can be added with the consent of the husband. This condition must be special upon by the husband and wife before the marriage contract is ed. However, you can add a woman that gives the woman the married to divorce from her husband, should he chose to take a second wife without her permission. Please contact [ protected]. United Arab Emirates August 26 Hassan Elhais - Dr.

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I don't want my husband to take a second wife - can this be in our marriage contract?

Since the deferred dowry is due upon divorce, the husband is under an obligation to pay the dowry amount to the wife. She wants to know if she can legally protect herself by adding any special conditions to her woman contract that will increase her Mahr amount if her husband marries another woman without her consent. Accordingly, the amount of Dowry and its payment are decided at the time of marriage.

As per Sharia, a Muslim man may have up to four wives, making it is impossible to insert a clause that bans him from special a married wife.

Married women's property act

But when the marriage contract is executed outside the UAE, such limitations may not apply. I'm married but don't have a certificate - what can I do from the UAE? What you need to know about drunk driving punishments in the UAE? Related research hubs United Arab Emirates Family.

The deferred part of the dowry is payable to the wife upon divorce. Per Article 49 of the UAE Personal Status Law, mahr or dowry must be offered by the husband to the wife before they the marriage contract.

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Before , any money made by a woman either through a wage , from investment , by gift, or through inheritance instantly became the property of her husband once she was married, with the exception of a dowry.